May 6, 2020 –  Baltimore City Board of Estimates awards an initial contract to West 8 Urban Design and Landscape Architecture to develop the Middle Branch Waterfront Master Plan.

The $325,200 contract with West 8 covers the first of six planned phases in the Master Plan, focusing on site surveys and strategies to engage and communicate with area stakeholders about the plan.

July 12, 2019 – West 8, an internationally acclaimed landscape architecture firm based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands is the firm ranked highest to move the Middle Branch Waterfront revitalization project forward on behalf of the City of Baltimore and its residents, patrons, visitors, and stakeholders.

City departments will begin specifying the immediate and long-term scope that will be used in contract negotiations with West 8, in anticipation of a phased design and construction process. If the City and West 8 cannot reach acceptable contract terms, the City will continue down the finalist list in ranked order.